• Sr. Graphic Designer + Creative Director
  • Portland Oregon



A Portland native and destined artist, in many ways. Blessed at a young age, I was raised with parents whom are both artists, and owned an art school in the heart of Portland. Each day after my classes, rather than watching TV, I was with my parents at their art school, experimenting with every art medium I could get my hands on. Over the years, art has become part of my everyday life; I’m expressive in everything I do, from how I cook, to dress, to photography and work.

After years of playing around with different mediums, I’ve found my favorite one: the computer. Graphic design is my passion because designs are easily manipulated into anything you can dream of. My favorite part of art and graphic design is the journey it takes to get to the finished product. It’s pretty amazing that we can create something from nothing.

I have experience in both digital and print design, however lean more towards digital as I believe it is what the future holds. I yearn for an environment with like-minded and skilled individuals, where creative freedom is coupled with the tools and goals of the best designers today. I am constantly learning, training, growing, experimenting, and want to change the way the world sees design.



at Art Institute of Portland

at Oregon State University